DFY Hair Loss WordPress Theme

Start your own hair loss website or blog using this pre-filled, ready to go template.  This is a DFY WP theme based completely on the niche of hair loss.

This hair loss WP template includes:

  • A high quality SEO & mobile optimized WP theme
  • Pre-designed and optimized
  • Articles & categories
  • Table of content plugin for posts
  • Banners and Ads
  • Custom logo
  • High quality stock images
  • Opt-in form for building your email list (Just add your code)
  • Social sharing icons for more exposure and traffic
  • Buy the WP Affiliate Suite course for full training on turning this WP theme into a growing affiliate marketing business!

That’s OVER $100 in value all for just $15!

Just download the WordPress theme, import to your WordPress site, edit to your liking, add some of your own content and you’re ready to go!

What Can You Do With This Theme?

Start Your Own WordPress Site

With a “Done-For-You” Internet Marketing WordPress theme, you can quickly and easily start your own website and monetize it with affiliate links, Adsense, Amazon ads, Clickbank ads and more.

Create Sites For
Your Clients

Do you offer web designing services?  This is a great way to build websites for clients that are already to go!  Just add your own content and make minimal changes for a quick sale.

Create sites then flip for huge profits

This is a great way to quickly build up a website, load it with more content, images, videos so it’s getting lots of traffic, then sell on Flippa or other flipping websites for easy cash!


All of our WordPress themes are kept up to date to work perfect for the latest versions of WordPress.  We’ve also made it SUPER easy to import this theme to your WordPress site using the “All-In-One Migration” plugin.


Install the “All-In-One Migration” WordPress plugin on your website.


Import the WordPress file (it will overwrite anything on your site)


Log back in using the login details provided and customize your site.